Team building - all forms of integration of the group that makes its members get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Team building is organized activities that enrich the relationships in the group, building this group, integrating and establishing cooperation among its members. It can build trust and even friendship, getting to know each other outside the everyday context.

Team building develops, deepens, but above all integrates and builds a team. It helps to solve communication problems in a team and improve its effectiveness outside the office walls. This is a kind of well-defined integration games processed in the right order. In this type of activity, it is necessary to choose appropriate and specific exercises, discussion topics along with their level of advancement depending on what we want to achieve. Common overcoming obstacles, completing tasks, form the skills of making contact with people, building and maintaining long-term relationships, understanding and accepting different behaviors.


Building a team of people who are just getting to know each other. The development of strong and solving the most important problems. Integrating two teams into one unit maintaining and raising the team's energy creating relationships between teams (departments). Creating cooperation between teams (departments) solving existing problems and conflicts


Adjusting the goals and expectations of the managerial staff and team members to learn the secret of leading a team focused on success, working out satisfaction from belonging to a team, understanding of what cooperation and trust are in effectively overcoming external problems making a diagnosis of yourself and your team.



The participants' task is to go through the "spiderweb" to the other side. However, this is not a simple task, because the cobweb is hung between trees or poles at a certain height from the ground, and each participant must go through a different hole without touching the ropes.

Wild river

The group having at their disposal one chest less than the number of its members must cross a "dry foot" through a specific section of the "rushing river". The basis of success is a well-designed plan and flawless cooperation in teams. Excellent integration fun that works well at every party, providing a solid dose of laughter to both participants and observers.


Drunk Glasses is an unusual attraction imitating the vision of the surroundings after consuming 0.8 - 1.5 per of alcohol. Perfectly diversify the competition at both integration events as well as company and family picnics. In our glasses, the simplest competition, such as running on time, pouring water from a cup into a cup or riding a bicycle will guarantee a huge dose of laughter both for the participants themselves as spectators and observers.

Shooting range (bow, paintball, windbreaker)

Another game combining elements of fun and competition. The task of the participants is to hit as close as possible to the center of the specially prepared shield from a large bow, an airgun or a paintball marker. All this, of course, under the watchful eye of our instructors. Fun is a great complement to other attractions at an outdoor event.

Giant table football

Inflatable pitch with dimensions of 6 x 12 m is nothing more than a huge "trambambula", in which "table football players" ar replaced by participants of the game. To achieve a victory, it is necessary to have good cooperation and communication between team members, which may translate into an improvement in everyday relationships. The game is excellent entertainment for all participants regardless of gender and age. Two 5-person teams take part in the game. The difficulty for the players is to limit the possibility of movement by fastening each of them to the crossbar. Restriction of freedom and unusual conditions are a guarantee of fun and laughter for both players and observers. Giant Table football is certainly one of the best devices for group competition on the market. A guarantee of great fun!


It will provide great entertainment not only to participants but also viewers! The competition refers to Japanese sumo stores - competitors dressed in foam-filled costumes are transformed into massive wrestlers. The rules are simple: who touches the mats with another part of the body rather than the foot or is pushed out of the ring, loses the clash. Upheavals and pirouettes, which the riders will do on the mat will make even the biggest gloomy guy laugh.

Tug of war

Tug of war is a competition in which two teams pull one rope in two opposite directions. The winners are those who will drag their opponents to their side. It is great fun for both big events or small meetings. This former Olympic competition allows to break down barriers and mobilize teams to make a joint effort, it also brings a lot of funny situations to both players and observers.

Foil fun

The group gets wrapped with foil, which will make the participants really close to each other. Together they have to overcome the distance in the shortest possible time without tipping over and destroying their foil. Seemingly simple fun can cause many problems to larger groups when some of the participants go sideways, and some are backward. The only well-cooperated team can move safely. It is possible to compete in the form of races with other groups.


The team's task is to get the ball (ping-pong) out of a long vertical tube. In order to get it out, fill the pipe with water so that it flows to the surface. The problem is that the pipe is full of holes and only the group's strict operation will make it possible to achieve the goal.


The competitors' task is to move along the track standing on the footbridge and pushing away with four oars. The rest make sure that the footbridge always rests on the pins, because only in this way can you roll forward.


Various metal objects will be hidden in the designated area. Participants will have to find as many items as possible. Scoring depends on their quantity. The participants will have metal detectors + shovels for help.

Indian skis

The competition works perfectly during all types of outdoor events. Two five-man teams race against each other on a designated route, moving on special "skis". The key to victory is excellent cooperation in teams. Competition brings a lot of laughter to both party players and observers.

Atomic zone

The task of the group in this competition is to transfer the bucket with the radioactive substance from the contaminated zone to the safe zone in order to neutralize the substance. Participants can not enter the contaminated zone. The bucket must be attracted to each other using straps attached to it.

Tower from boxes

Cheerful competition consisting of building as high as possible a tower from boxes, which arises under the feet of a selected team member. The rest gives and adds boxes and also informs about the tilting of the structure. In the end, the building must finally collapse - the builder is lowered to the ground on a rope.

Hammering a nail

Nails were invented a long time ago - using them we can combine all wooden elements into one piece. However, when they were invented, nobody suspected that it would be possible to have fun with them. The task of the participants of this competition is to punch a twenty-centimeter nail into the beveled tree trunk in the shortest possible time. At first glance, the competition is very simple, but will such a long nail want to stick straight?


One of the newest teambuilding competition in our offer. 10 lines are attached to the instructor on one side, and on the other hand, permanently attached to the participants. in the middle ... all are tangled. The task is to straighten all the lines.

Racing in bags

A designated track, bags reaching to the waist and shouts of friends cheering for the race - this is what we propose during the race in bags - a perfect picnic competition that allows the whole family to show off in a crazy and emotional competition.